Turbo Dork - Turbo Dork: Entire 70-Paint Line With Rack (Half) (Tdk7003) Pre-Order

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Turbo Dork - Turbo Dork: Entire 70-Paint Line With Rack (Half) (Tdk7003) Pre-Order

Entire line w/Rack. Half Full. 70 Colors x 3 Qty. Includes 7 acrylic pusher trays that mount to slatwall or pegboard, signage, paint label strips, and hooks. 210 bottles total.

Color List
• TDK3DGCSA20 — TDK:TS 3D Glasses 20ml
• TDKABNCSA20 — TDK:TS Afterburner 20ml
• TDKABSMTA20 — TDK:MET Absinthe 20ml
• TDKATGFLA20 — TDK:METFL AllThatGlitters 20ml
• TDKBGCCSA20 — TDK:TS Bubblegum Crisis 20ml
• TDKBLRCSA20 — TDK:TS Blue Raspberry 20ml
• TDKBSTMTA20 — TDK:MET Blue Steel 20ml
• TDKCRHMTA20 — TDK:MET Cool Ranch 20ml
• TDKCURMTA20 — TDK:MET Curacao 20ml
• TDKDBDMTA20 — TDK:MET Da Ba Dee 20ml
• TDKDBYMTA20 — TDK:MET Death By 20ml
• TDKDKNCSA20 — TDK:TS Dark Net 20ml
• TDKELCCSA20 — TDK:TS Electrum 20ml
TDK5250 — TDK:MET Black Ice 20ml
• TDKGISCSA20 — TDK:TS Ground Is Lava 20ml
• TDKIGGMTA20 — TDK:MET Ill Gotten Gold 20ml
• TDKLOMMTA20 — TDK:MET Life On Mars 20ml
• TDKMALMTA20 — TDK:MET Malum Malus 20ml
• TDKMPAMTA20 — TDK:MET Multi Pass 20ml
• TDKMURMTA20 — TDK:MET Murple 20ml
• TDKPEGMTA20 — TDK:MET Pearly Gates 20ml
• TDKPPEMTA20 — TDK:MET People Eater 20ml
• TDKPUGMTA20 — TDK:MET Purl Grey 20ml
• TDKPUKMTA20 — TDK:MET Pucker 20ml
• TDKRADCSA20 — TDK:TS Radium 20ml
• TDKREDMTA20 — TDK:MET Redrum 20ml
• TDKSEFMTA20 — TDK:MET Sea Food 20ml
• TDKSHSCSA20 — TDK:TS Shell Shocked 20ml
• TDKSKMFLA20 — TDK:METFL Sparkle Motion 20ml
• TDKSPMMTA20 — TDK:MET Spicy Meatball 20ml
Expansion 1
• TDKCCVCSA20 — TDK:TS Crystal Cavern 20ml
• TDKCLNCSA20 — TDK:TS Cloud Nine 20ml
• TDKITNCSA20 — TDK:TS Ice to Never 20ml
• TDKLECCSA20 — TDK:TS Lunar Eclipse 20ml
• TDKLTMCSA20 — TDK:TS Let Them Eat Cake 20ml
• TDKMIACSA20 — TDK:TS Miami Sunset 20ml
• TDKMOLCSA20 — TDK:TS Mother Lode 20ml
• TDKSRUCSA20 — TDK:TS Sugar Rush 20ml
• TDKSWECSA20 — TDK:TS Sweet Dreams 20ml
• TDKWAVCSA20 — TDK:TS Wavelength 20ml
Expansion 2
• TDKBULMTA20 — TDK:MET Bullion 20ml
• TDKCAFMTA20 — TDK:MET Cartridge Family 20ml
• TDKFFLCSA20 — TDK:MET Forrest Flux 20ml
• TDKGORMTA20 — TDK:MET Gold Rush 20ml
• TDKMOMCSA20 — TDK:MET Molten Mantle 20ml
• TDKSIFMTA20 — TDK:MET Silver Fox 20ml
• TDKSISMTA20 — TDK:MET Six Shooter 20ml
• TDKSSACSA20 — TDK:MET Shifting Sands 20ml
• TDKTISMTA20 — TDK:MET Tin Star 20ml
• TDKTWCMTA20 — TDK:MET Two Cents 20ml
Expansion 3
• TDKTWSCSA20 — TDK: TS Twin Sons 20ml
• TDKYUZMTA20 — TDK: MET Yuzu 20ml
• TDKPPWCSA20 — TDK: TS Power Prism 20ml
• TDKMMOMTA20 — TDK: MET Momo 20ml
• TDKMAGMTA20 — TDK: MET Maguro 20ml
• TDK4DGSCA20 — TDK:TS 4D Glasses 20ml
• TDKLAFCSA20 — TDK:TS Laserface 20ml
• TDKSAKMTA20 — TDK: MET Sakura 20ml
• TDKTARMTA20 — TDK: MET Taro 20ml
• TDKMATMTA20 — TDK: MET Matcha 20ml
Expansion 4
• TDK5205 — TDK MET Bees Knees 20ml
• TDK5236 — TDK MET Box Wine 20ml
• TDK5182 — TDK MET Gordian Knot 20ml
• TDK5151 — TDK TS Grave Robber 20ml
• TDK5212 — TDK MET Hot Commodity 20ml
• TDK5229 — TDK MET Peachy Keen 20ml
• TDK4970 — TDK TS Rainbow Roll 20ml
• TDK5137 — TDK TS Scarab 20ml
• TDK5243 — TDK TS Skyrat 20ml
• TDK5199 — TDK TS Supermassive 20ml
Product Specs:
Brand: Turbo Dork

Release Date: 10/31/2021

Pre-Order Due Date: 9/23/2021

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